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We develop online stores aligned with your visual identity

With the Covid 19 pandemic, what was already a reality for many companies became almost an obligation for all. Having an e-commerce was already a trend, but the pandemic has accelerated the whole process and now many people need to develop their online store quickly and at low cost.

To provide this solution to our customers, we became partners with Tray, Locaweb’s virtual stores platform.

The Tray platform offers many advantages over developing your own store. Initially, the price is extremely low considering that you would have to hire hosting for your e-commerce. Fast hosting (VPS Hosting) on ​​Locaweb costs the same as Tray’s basic plan.

Another difference is the integrations. The platform easily integrates with the main Marktplaces: Mercado Livre, Magalu, NetShoes, Extra, etc. It also easily integrates with various ERPs on the market making managing your business much easier. Not to mention the means of payment and delivery, which are already configured, but you can easily include others.

QuartaDesign develops themes to align the platform with your visual identity, imports your products to the platform, in addition to developing digital banners and a Digital Marketing strategy for you to promote your store.

Some of the services we offer for Visual Identity


We create BrandGuides for companies, products and services. We develop logo application manuals, stationery and special manuals for social networks. Know More >

Website Design

We develop websites tailored to each client, using the most modern technologies. Know more >

Brochures and Catalogs

We create and design brochures, catalogs and a wide range of printed materials. Know more >


We create boxes, bags, labels, tags etc. following the identity developed for your company. Know more >

Stands, Banners and Panels

We create banners and panels for events and stands. We also develop indoor and outdoor signage. Know more >

Stationery and Business Cards

We create business cards, letter paper, envelopes, templates for presentations and other pieces. Know more >

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