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We develop Branding systems that cover the entire relationship between our customers and their targets. These systems can be composed of several items, including: Logo, Stationery, Presentations and Institutional Folders, Websites and Packaging.

Our differential is that we maintain a coherent vision between all means of communication, reinforcing the identity of the client and its products.

We create Digital Marketing campaigns tailored to each client. We may use Email Marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads. The purpose is the same: to expand the number of people who know your business/product.

We do remarketing campaigns and video ads, always testing new possibilities to understand what works for your business.

A little from our portfolio

Some of our customers

Who we are

QuartaDesign is a design agency that develops Corporate Visual Identity and Digital Marketing systems so that its clients reach their full potential.

We work from the development of the logo and stationery, through the website and presentations and even digital marketing campaigns, ensuring a perfect visual alignment between all parties. This visual coherence improves the perception of quality that the end consumer has of our customers.

We are a small agency with a lean structure that privileges personalized and direct service. We have specialized partners to provide support in the most diverse areas of work.

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