Newsletters to keep in touch

Relevant and interesting information for your target audience

Newsletter is content marketing applied to email
Bringing relevant and interesting information to your target audience helps to build a strong institutional image. Newsletters are a way to be frequently present in your customer’s memory. QuartaDesign provides the following services in this segment:
  • Creation of newsletters compatible with your Corporate Visual Identity
  • Writing content of relevance and interest to your target audience
  • Creation of registration and removal systems
  • Triggering and monitoring of read and accessed links

Some of the services we offer

Posts for Social Networks

We create posts and content for publication on the main Social Networks. Know more >

Email Marketing

We develop email marketing to promote products, services or events. Know more >


We develop Newsletters that bring relevant information to your customer’s table. Know more >

Content Marketing

We create content marketing campaigns by developing posts for your website or blog. Know more >

Facebook Ads

We create campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to expand your network, reactivate prospects or advertise products or courses.  Know more >

Ads on Google

We create campaigns on Google Ads for the most diverse purposes: appearing in searches, promoting products for sale or reaching specific audiences.  Saiba mais

Examples from our Portfolio

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