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Quality perception

Currently, customers are much more sensitive to the quality of a company’s communication. It occurs today on a much larger number of channels (computer, cell phone, print, etc.) and your company needs to maintain an aligned Visual Identity across all of them.

We carry out studies to understand all forms of company-customer relationships and create visual identity systems that adapt to them.

Simplify communication

More and more customers are using new communication media and being present in these media is fundamental, but quite complex.

We develop editorial projects to align your company’s voice across all media and create content to publish consistently and periodically.

Online and offline alignment

One of the classic problems we find is the company having a different visual identity in printed and digital materials. Often the customer sees an email marketing that attracts him, but when he enters the site it is so different that he is even in doubt if the company is the same.

We create materials for both print media, large formats, presentations, websites etc and align your company’s communication.

Digital presence

When searching for your company name on Google, is your website the first to appear? And does your data appear in the Knowledge Panel (the box that appears on the right side of searches)? When searching for your company on Facebook and LinkedIn, what appears?

In fact, establishing a digital presence goes much further. It starts with developing a communication strategy. In line with this strategy, we developed a website with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Prepare for mobile

Cell phones and tablets are increasingly becoming the navigation platforms preferred by people, even in the corporate environment. Google, realizing this trend, started to give more importance in search results to sites that are compatible with cell phones.

We develop websites using Responsive Design, a technology that readjusts the website for different types of screens.

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