Do you really own your website?

Have you ever wondered if you really own your website? Having a website is critical for any business, and while most people don’t think about it, the actual control of your website is determined by the services you use to … Read More >>

What is Brand Design

Brand design is a vast field of study, which includes many areas. It is the method used to create and preserve a visual identity that characterizes a company, product or service. This approach is indispensable for any organization that wants … Read More >>

Is your website ready for smartphones?

Every day the number of people who have a smartphone increases. According to the site survey Newzoo, Brazil is the fifth country in the world in terms of number of smartphones. There are 131.71 million  (2020 data) and the number … Read More >>

Does your website need redesign?

Unfortunately, a website doesn’t last a lifetime, it needs to be redone from time to time. There is no ideal frequency for this, but several factors can contribute to decision making. To make the process easier, I wrote about the … Read More >>

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