Does your website need redesign?

Does your website need redesign?

Unfortunately, a website doesn’t last a lifetime, it needs to be redone from time to time. There is no ideal frequency for this, but several factors can contribute to decision making.

To make the process easier, I wrote about the most important points to keep in mind and what weight you should give it.

It is worth remembering that the redesign is not restricted to the aesthetic part of the site, but also to the construction technology, the information structure and even the content.

Content that does not reflect the company or the services/products

A website redesign is mandatory if a major change has taken place in the company. I usually say that internal changes must be reflected externally. If the company has had a change in direction, size or even location, this should be reflected on the website, even if the services/products have not changed. If only the services/products change, it’s a case of a simple maintenance, which should be done periodically.

Old code structure

Despite being very technical and difficult to measure, there is an indicator that clearly shows whether your site should be redesigned. The use of tables to format the layout of pages was abandoned around 2007, but many still relied on technology and websites built like that can still be found today. The way to know is to look at the source code. All browsers have a menu that shows the source code. It must start with <html> or <HTML>. Search the document for the <table tag (without closing the brace) if you find a very large amount, the technology used is definitely outdated. On the other hand, even if your site doesn’t have tables, technology has evolved a lot in recent years and many sites can benefit from new technologies.

Using Flash

If flash was used as core technology, website redesign is a must. An all-flash website is a black box for google. he can’t read the content, let alone take the customer who does a search to a specific page on the subject. If your site has a flash header, you also have a problem as the menus will not be readable either. If it’s just animations that happen on the home the problem is smaller, but you must ensure that these animations have fallback in images. Otherwise the user who does not see flash will be left with blind areas on the site.

Date in Copyright

More precisely, the date the site was built. If your site is more than 5 years old, there are big indicators that it should be redesigned. The first question is whether it receives technical and content maintenance. If it receives and has the content renewed frequently, the only reason for the redesign is aesthetic, that is, to modernize the company’s image. Currently, every business has to modernize, review its services/products and always be aware of market changes. The redesign shows the customer that these changes happen and that you care about good service. If there has been no maintenance for at least a year, the site redesign is mandatory.

Responsive Design or “Can your website be read on a mobile phone?”

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are increasingly present and will undoubtedly be the future of computing for most people. Responsive design allows your website to be fully resized as per the reading device screen. More and more people use their cell phones to access the internet, so every website developed today must be built with this technology. The concept that mobile users should have another website has also fallen apart. With the new broadband technologies in cell phones, it is no longer necessary to reduce and simplify the design and especially the content, on the contrary, the user wants to see the same content and experience on the smartphone that he saw on the computer.

If you would like to contribute new items to this reflection or express your thoughts, please use the form below. If you need an opinion on the code and content of your site, contact us via the website form that we will send you a report about your site evaluating each of the above points.

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